participants of workshop on Artificial Intelligence

Workshop – Design Experiments with AI

Artificial intelligence is a topic that is becoming increasingly important for our work. In our projects we use AI to profit from the new possibilities in the field of sensor technology and data processing. At the same time, with flokk we are developing a platform that will enable the use of AI for interactive installations and products.

On Friday, May 24th, we therefore held the workshop 'Design Experiments with AI'. Students as well as curators, artists and designers were given an insight into our practical use of AI. Thanks to the flokk platform and a toolkit for AI, they got to know design and application possibilities and, together with workshop host Guillaume Massol (software developer at iart), experimented with various techniques of machine learning, such as:

  • Human pose estimation: recognising a human figure and assigning graphic elements and information to it;
  • Style transfer: transferring the style of famous painters (Monet, Picasso, etc...) to live video feeds and interactive sketches;
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN): generating images from texts;
  • Neural Image Caption Generator: creating sentences that describe the content of images.

The goal of the workshop was to combine different models of machine learning to generate web-based, interactive experiments. For example, we used the caption generator to create descriptions of images from a camera feed, and from that we generated images with GAN. You can visit the workshop's webpage to get more information.

The Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) then hosted the Pecha Kucha AI Night with short lectures by speakers from the AI scene. Both events took place on the occasion of the exhibition 'Entangled Realities - Living with Artificial Intelligence' at HeK.

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