The Process


Our clients seek the extraordinary. So as a matter of principle, we always ask: What is the vision? What are possible ways to make that vision a reality? What skill sets are needed? Because it is the creative fusion of concept, design, and technology that makes it possible to create iart’s characteristic magic moments.


Anyone who goes down new paths can expect to encounter the unknown. So we organise what we do according to agile principles – because we are aware of the need to adapt our stance to the tasks at hand. This flexibility is at the core of our work: Because we love to tinker, to try out ideas, to reject them, and to continue developing in a different direction – and this is evident in both the results of our work and in the form of our organisation.


To ensure we do not lose sight of the goal, we break down our projects into individual phases and steps. Team members work independently within their areas of expertise, but regularly coordinate their work with each other and with our clients and partners. To promote exchange within the groups of experts such as designers, programmers, or project managers, everyone works in close proximity to each other. This way, know-how spreads quite naturally. What is learned from the projects is presented to the whole team at our weekly staff meeting.