What's Next?

Our research of new technologies and their integration into built environments starts way before project proposals are ready to be signed. We ask: what will interior and exterior spaces feel like in the future? How will we experience exhibitions and visitor centers? These questions shape our inquiry into the media architectures of tomorrow.

  • AIRE – Extended Reality in Urban Space

    Wie wir zukünftige Veränderungen des öffentlichen Raums mithilfe von Augmented Reality im Massstab 1:1 erlebbar machen – und so Planungs- und Vermittlungsprozesse verbessern.

  • A Solar Energy Fueled Media Façade

    For our latest media façade, the use of organic photovoltaics satisfies requirements for energy-efficiency —and also, aesthetic exploration.

  • Augmented Reality in Your Headphones

    For Spectacular Sound Experiences in Museums and Visitor Centres: We Are Testing Three Applications Of Augmented Reality Audio.

  • New Joints For New Façades

    How Our Engineering Allows Artists, Curators And Marketing Strategists To Shape Buildings As Well As Public Space.

  • Displays With Ultra-Thin, Transparent And Curved Screens

    In what contexts we use the newest OLED technology - and which forms just now become conceivable.

  • The Magic of Interactive Books

    How We Continue to Develop the Framework for Tactile Digital Stories