The Studio

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Creative Hotspot

Our studio is located on the Campus of the Arts in Basel. Curators, entrepreneurs from the creative sector, artists, and designers mingle here every day, making it the ideal environment for our ideas to mature and our projects to flourish.

Network for Innovation

Collaborative work is deeply rooted in our DNA and is an essential part of our recipe for success. In Fluxdock, an innovation network established by iart, we and other companies share up to 80 workplaces for fruitful collaboration. They offer space for joint workshops and one-to-one discussion.

Flexible Infrastructure

A workshop and storage facilities provide the space and means for all kinds of handcrafted work. The two-storey stage enables the construction of room-filling prototypes and exhibits. This allows us to easily involve clients and partners in the process of development at an early stage. And at public events such as Museums Night, Oslo Night, and the Helga forum, presentations, performances, and concerts also take place here.