iart supports sustainability initiative

"Count­down 2030" is an ever-growing group of architects who want to make all those involved in construction aware of the impact of their professional actions on climate change.

Over the next ten years, various events and projects are planned to raise questions, provide food for thought and trigger discussions in the architectural community and the construction industry. As a first action, a countdown was placed above the entrance of the Swiss Architecture Museum S AM and the Kunsthalle Basel at the beginning of 2020. The symbolic intervention is intended to underline the urgency of the problem and to bring the concern of "Countdown 2030" to the public.

The aim of the group is to contain the negative consequences of climate change in the coming decade and to enable the population to lead a sustainable lifestyle. iart is actively engaged in sustainability and shares the goals of "Countdown 2030". We have supported the initiative by building the digital countdown clock.

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