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Novartis Pavillon Wins Gold at the XAVER Award 2023

We are honoured to have won a Gold XAVER Award 2023 for the Novartis Pavillon! At the award ceremony, which took place in Zurich last week, the project received the highest award in the category "Best Brandworlds & Temporary Installations and Exhibitions".

The Novartis Pavillon convinced the jury with its successful exhibition and innovative media facade. Jury president Dany Waldner said of the project in the winner's video:

"A real showpiece. Inside, but also outside. In the exhibition, the visitor can learn – like in a walk-in film – about medicine and the history of medicine, about diseases, about the possibilities of healing and the future of it. The information and messages do not remain inside, but are carried to the outside via a very innovative facade. The facade is a photovoltaic panel facade that collects the energy during the day and at night, via LEDs, transports the information and the message of science out into the world. Definitely a top award."

More about the exhibition
More about the facade

Once a year, the XAVER Award honours the best events, expo projects and brand worlds in Switzerland. It is the most important national seal of quality in the live communication industry.

Photo: EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association

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