Work in Progress - LED Frieze of the New Kunstmuseum Building in Basel

The installation of the LED frieze on the new building of the Kunstmuseum Basel is well underway. After several years of planning, a section of the facade could be taken into operation and tested for the first time last week. For us a decisive moment, which it allowed us to examine the LED frieze on the real building for the first time!

The frieze was developed by iart in close collaboration with the architects Christ & Gantenbein and will — once completed — surround the entire facade of the new art museum. It deliberately avoids taking on the appearance of a classical display: White LEDs embedded into the joints between the facade elements create a media membrane that is perceived as an integral part of the architecture.

The new building of the Kunstmuseum will open in April 2016. For more information about the light frieze, please visit the project page.