Responsibility Shouldered by Many: iart Now Under Collegial Leadership!

iart has a long history of collegial business culture and flat structures. Now we are taking another step forward with an eye to the future. As of today, we are structuring ourselves as a company with collegial leadership.

This means: All decisions will always be made directly by people who are close to the work and have the expertise – in an informed and straightforward manner. This way, we make even better use of our greatest asset: the interdisciplinarity of our team of fifty people. They contribute significantly to our success.

Specifically, this means: We are reorganising ourselves into service and coordination circles with no formal hierarchy. Consequently, we no longer have an executive board in our organisation chart. It was eliminated as of 8 November 2021. Its former members David Hänggi, Valentin Spiess, Jeannine Spozio, and Lukas Tschümperlin remain fully committed to iart and are now exercising their responsibility in central circles. The board of directors maintains an intensive dialogue with them – nothing changes in this regard.

We are strengthening the internal conditions for engagement and collegial collaboration because we look to the future and believe that only an agile company is also a strong company. Because this is what we have been doing for 20 years with extraordinary consistency: We seek the new and develop tailor-made media architectures.

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