Media facade of the Novartis Pavillon

Event: Art Meets Science Meets Tech

Join us for an exclusive conversation about art, science and technology. Hosted by HEK (House of Electronic Arts) and Novartis, the event focuses on the new artworks created for the zero-energy media facade of the Novartis Pavillon.

What happens when artists meet scientists? When the quest for sustainability meets technological innovation? For the zero-energy media facade of the Novartis Pavillon, the artists Esther Hunziker, Daniel Canogar and Semiconductor were invited to create new works. Their artworks are inspired by science and open up imagery that engages with the micro and macro worlds of scientific data, reflecting on generative self-organising systems as basic building blocks of biological life or climate-based real-time data. After a short introduction of the new artworks and the media façade technology, the discussion will focus on how art, technology and science can inspire each other and break new ground together.

A conversation between:
Esther Hunziker, artist
Daniel Canogar, artist
Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt / Semiconductor, artists
Frank Petersen, Novartis
Valentin Spiess, iart
Sabine Himmelsbach, HEK
Martin Furler Bassand, Novartis
Roland Fischer, moderator

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, from 8pm
at 9:30pm the artworks will be screened on the media facade
free entry, register via email to
Novartis Pavillon, St. Johanns-Hafen-Weg 5, 4056 Basel

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