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'Qin' at the Bernisches Historisches Museum with 318,273 visitors a big success

The temporary exhibition 'Qin — The Eternal Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors' closed its doors on 17 November 2013 after running for eight months. According to the Bernisches Historisches Museum a total of 318,273 visitors saw the show, thus making it the most visited exhibition the museum has ever recorded. In addition, a representative survey revealed that 96% of the participants thought the exhibition was good or very good. We congratulate the Bernisches Historisches Museum to this success!

iart conceived, planned and realised the media of the exhibition and has been in charge of the maintenance and support of the media installations during operation. Our servicing team responded to 29 service tickets in total, almost half of which were solved by remote access to the exhibition. Due to short reaction times of less than an hour, regular maintenance works being carried out and the availability of a replacement for almost every device (with the exception of the large beamer), iart was able to ensure a smooth operation with a minimum of down times.

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