Novartis pavillon simulation

Novartis Pavillon Wins Media Architecture Biennale Award

We are proud and honoured that the Novartis Pavillon has received a Media Architecture Biennale Award in the category “Future Trends and Prototypes”!

“In this project two existing technologies – LED lights and solar panels – are combined in a completely innovative way, and thus introducing a new technology. That is what makes this such a good prototype. And a light source that at the same time is generating electricity is what media architecture has been waiting for, because of the enduring critique on the energy consumption of all the lights and screens on buildings.” Filippo Lodi, jury member

At the Novartis Pavillon, we are using organic photovoltaics and double-sided LEDs to form a zero-energy media facade. Artists will create subtle light shows for the pavilion, which is set to open in spring 2022 in Basel, Switzerland.

Read more about the potential of organic photovoltaics for media facades.

This is the fourth time that one of our projects has received a Media Architecture Biennale Award. Award winners from previous years are MegaFaces (2014), the light frieze at the Kunstmuseum Basel (2016) and the interactive yurt for the Expo 2017 in Astana (2018).

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