Novartis Pavillon Now Open

On April 30, 2022, the Novartis Pavillon opened in Basel. Together with architect Michele De Lucchi & AMDL CIRCLE, iart realised a zero-energy media facade for the building. In addition, we implemented the exhibition "Wonders of Medicine" inside the Pavillon together with the Stuttgart scenography office Atelier Brückner.

The Novartis Pavillon's zero-energy media facade consists of a network of organic solar cells with embedded LED lights that span the building’s curved outer skin. It is capable of self-generating all the electricity it consumes.

The Pavillon will show partly generative artworks created for the facade by three artists, Esther Hunziker, Daniel Canogar and Semiconductor, and curated by the House of Electronic Arts (HEK) in Basel. iart developed special software to make this possible.

The Novartis Pavillon will host, among other things, the interactive exhibition "Wonders of Medicine", which brings the achievements and potential of the life sciences to life. It was designed by Atelier Brückner and implemented by iart.

With the Novartis Pavillon, Novartis is creating a new exhibition, meeting and event center for Basel. The Novartis Pavillon will be open to the public and is dedicated to shared learning and dialogue about the achievements of pharmaceutical sciences and the future of healthcare.

On our social media profiles, we will publish regular insights into the project's development process until the end of April.


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