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Visualisation AR Audio

Research Project on Augmented Reality Audio Started

We have teamed up with the Academy of Music of the FHNW and the sound designers of Idee und Klang to collaborate on the research project «Immersive Audio Guiding System» (IAGS). Together we are developing an immersive audio guide for interiors and are testing it in an exhibition. The project is supported by Innosuisse and runs until the end of 2021.

At iart, we have been working with audio guide systems for years, have experimented with various technologies and have realised our own audio guides for exhibitions as part of projects. We are now bringing this expertise into the research project and into the development of a new type of interactive and location-based audio guide.

Technologically, the audio guide uses Augmented Reality Audio, which means that the sounds existing in the room are extended or replaced by virtual sounds. We have summarized how this can create new spaces of experience in exhibitions and brand worlds in the article «Augmented Reality in Your Headphones». Further information can be found in the research project description of the Academy of Music.

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