Interactive book
Interactive book

Curating Catalogues - Interactive Books in Collaboration with the Basel School of Design

During a workshop, 10 students of the Basel School of Design - Visual Communication Institute - designed interactive books, helped by iart's Marius Hügli. The exhibition 'Strohgold - kulturelle Transformationen sichtbar gemacht' by the Museum der Kulturen Basel was used as a reference point for re-interpreting and contextualising analogue objects from the collections in a digital setting.

iart provided the books' hard- and software, implemented the technology, introduced the students to the framework and consulted regarding layout and interaction design.

Our interactive books have been used for the exhibition 'Paul Gauguin' at the Fondation Beyeler and at the National Museum Zurich's exhibition 'Idee Schweiz' as well as for BMW at the Art Basel.

All project details can be found here. iart collaborated with the Basel School of Design already for flokk, an open platform for interactive lighting solutions.

Collaboration with:

Academy of Art and Design Basel, HGK FHNW Visual Communication Institute/The Basel School of Design Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research

Tutor: Prof. Marion Fink

Guest Tutor: Marius Hügli

Documentation: Fabian Kempter

Museum der Kulturen Basel: Beatrice Voirol Stephanie Lovàsz

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