Merck Innovation Center

Interactive Light-Sound Installation

The interactive light-sound-installation at Merck's Innovation Center offers a new kind of audiovisual experience. At different times of the day it generates different moods and reacts in ever new patterns to the physical presence of visitors. It is located between two building parts on the campus of the Merck Innovation Center and turns even short everyday walks into sensual moments.

The expansive light sculpture consists of four curved strands that overlap concentrically, but slightly shifted. A total of 576 double-sided OLED elements are attached to them. Their light varies constantly and is visually multiplied by mirrors on the ceiling and walls. 42 sensors distributed throughout the room register the movement of visitors so that the lights can react to it. The second reference of the light are the sound compositions to which it also reacts. This generates a complex mosaic in which sound and light play together and the viewer draws his or her tracks.

The light-sound-installation was developed and realized by Tamschick Media+Space in cooperation with iart. In addition to the sophisticated planning and implementation of the OLED installation, iart's engagement focused on the development of a 3D real-time simulation. This was used to test various scenarios during the development process. Today, it functions as a control tool during operation. Two of 18 effects can be combined via addition, subtraction, multiplication or fade. Furthermore, each of these effects itself is variable, so that the specific light movements, the rhythm and the position of luminous clusters are potentially infinitely variable.

On this basis, a total of 85 scenes were saved, which are activated in different variants in daily operation. So the light-sound-installation never reacts the same. At Merck's Innovation Center no day is like the other.

Exhibition Site


Project Phases

Planning, Construction, Operation

Project Duration

1.5 years


1 April 2018

Exhibition Duration

Permanent Exhibition