Audiovisual Swarms

In the Merck Innovation Center, a Light and Sound Sculpture Reacts to Movement

A fascinating, sensorial total work of art.
Jury, German Design Award 2019

Organism of Light

The Light Cloud at the Merck Innovation Center detects visitors’ movements in the room and translates them into many different moods. The generative sculpture stimulates and facilitates intense encounters between people and technology.

Multimedia Choreography

The room-filling installation consists of four curved strands that are concentrically superimposed and slightly shifted in relation to each other. OLED elements that are attached to the strands and controlled by sensors react to the visitors’ movements and to sound compositions. In combination, this generates a complex mosaic in which sound and light interact playfully and the viewers leave traces.

Infinitely Variable

With ever-new patterns based on 18 variable effects, an unexpected dramaturgy unfolds day after day. Mirrors on the ceiling and walls multiply the light and create the impression of an endlessly reflecting transit space.

Technical Facts

  • Room with mirrored walls and ceiling
  • 4 curved strands of 3D-bent steel
  • 576 double-sided luminescent OLED elements
  • 42 sensors distributed throughout the room
  • 12 audio channels
  • 18 variable and combinable effects
  • 85 different modes

Successful Collaboration

The light and sound installation was developed and realised by Tamschick Media+Space in collaboration with iart. In addition to planning and implementing the OLED installation, a key part of iart’s involvement was to develop a 3D real-time simulation. This made it possible to test different scenarios of operation while the system was still in development.

  • Opening


  • Location


  • Client

    Merck Group

  • Partners

    Tamschick Media+SpaceOLEDWorks

  • Services

    Technical PlanningPrototypingSystem DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSystem IntegrationProcess ManagementMechanics DevelopmentOperationCoordinationElectronics DevelopmentMaintenance

  • Awards

    • Red Dot Award

    • German Design Award

      Special Mention

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