Expo 2012 in Yeosu

The Swiss Pavilion


The Source. It's in your hands

The world exhibition 2012 took place in the South Korean city Yeosu from 12 May until 12 August under the theme "The Living Ocean and Coast". With more than half a million visitors the Swiss pavilion was one of the most popular exhibition halls and received several awards.

Switzerland presented itself as a clean source of water in Europe, also feeding water into many seas: the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, and the Black Sea. The design team "Steiner Tamschick Nüssli" that was commissioned by Presence Switzerland, created an interactive, emotional visitor experience named "The Source. It's in your hands": Visitors were able to hold projected images in their hands, experience the stunning view of the Swiss mountains, and examine a 5000 year old ice core.

iart developed the conceptual framework of the Swiss pavilion in cooperation with Presence Switzerland, was in charge of preparing, seeing through and reviewing the contest, and was responsible for the risk management of the project during its realisation.

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