Beneath Us

Temporary Exhibition at the Historical Museum Basel


iart developed and realised the media installations for the temporary exhibition "Beneath Us – Archaeology in Basel" at the Historical Museum in Basel: projections on the main staircase and an interactive installation inside the exhibition.

The central part of the entrance staircase was covered with canvas, on which moving images were projected from the rear. In the entrance hall, life size figures were shown interacting on the streets outside the museum. From the staircase, visitors had a view down under the earth's surface and could witness seven stories that told the history of different kinds of archaeological finds: a carriage lost one of its spokes, pottery shattered in an earthquake, a horseman accidentally cut off part of his tack with his sword. In addition, iart realised an interactive installation inside the exhibition. It consisted of a large projection (3x4 m) with an animated walking-tour through different places and life situations that visitors could control by means of the movable platform on which they stood. For example, by tilting the platform forward they caused a change of position in the animated tour and moved forward virtually on the given path.

This project was realised in collaboration with tegoro solutions (since 2013 part of iart).

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  • Client

    Historisches Museum Basel

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    Anex & Roth Visuelle Gestaltung

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    2D/3D DesignSystem DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSystem IntegrationInteraction Design

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