Top of Europe

A New Installation Enhances Arrivals and Departures at Europe's Highest Railway Station


What is it about?

The Jungfraujoch is one of the most popular travel destinations in Switzerland. It offers a breathtaking view over the surrounding mountains and glaciers. But before tourists experience the Alpine panorama, they get off the train and walk along the platform and corridors of Europe's highest railway station, which is carved into the mountain. An expansive installation now gives this space new splendour and also turns arrival and departure into special moments. Here the visitors feel: This is unique! This is "Top of Europe".

Key Figures

  • 4 curtain layers
  • 397 LM of mounting
  • 35,209 LM of curtain chain
  • Waveform thanks to nurbs
  • Projection with 10 gobo spotlights of 11,000 lumens each
  • Variation of light patterns through printed and organically deformed glass panes
  • Soundscape with 22 loudspeakers

Photo Spot

The installation - like the landscape - is meant to invite people to take photos and share them with family and friends online. For souvenir selfies, there is a special photo spot where the beamers cast verbal content onto the installation. They vary for arrival and departure modes, and for special occasions such as Christmas or 1 August, a special "Event" mode is available. Each photo taken there shows tourists that they were at a special place on a special day.

Chain Curtain

The central element is a multi-layered chain curtain that gives the space a new shape and renders it more multifaceted and sensual. It stretches over 30 metres, appearing at different places in the station and thus creating a thread from the exit of the train to the exit onto the viewing platform.

Light and Sound Scenery

The appearance of the chain curtain is characterised by coloured light from gobo projectors. The metal of the chains reflects light and "scatters it" throughout the space. The lighting differs at arrival and departure: On arrival, it imitates the sunrise and the light focus guides the visitors to the mountain house. On departure, the light resembles an evening atmosphere and the light focus is on the turnstile through which the tourists go back to the train. The music varies with the light. It consists of sounds that evoke mountain and ice worlds combined with familiar Swissness elements.


The installation manages to improve the experience of visiting the Jungfraujoch with relatively simple means. It raises the spatial quality of the station, makes visitors forget the waiting times on the track, guides them and helps to positively connote the "Top of Europe" brand.

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  • Client

    Jungfraubahn AG

  • Partners

    Kriskadecordagroup GmbHGLP German Light Products GmbH

  • Services

    Lighting DesignTechnical PlanningSystem DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSystem IntegrationCoordinationAudiovisual ProductionMedia Technical PlanningScenography

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