nah und fern

Permanent Exhibition at the Museum of Communication Bern


In cooperation with element design and point de vue, iart developed the adaptable museum technology for the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland.

The exhibition media illustrate different communication contexts and types of communication and help visitors to experience them. For example, a visitor stands opposite a virtual person in whom he or she can trigger different reactions by choosing different questions. Or a visitor sits down on a sofa and chats to a second person who sits beside him or her. However, that second person is only present in a virtual way on the screen opposite and is in fact sitting in another room. The communication or the virtual presence consequently occurs in different rooms but at the same time. The audio guide was used to deepen the information and to translate the exhibition's content. iart was responsible for the conception, development and realisation of the technical part of the interactive exhibition.

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    Museum of Communication

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    element designpoint de vue

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    Technical PlanningSystem DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSystem Integration

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