Road Traffic Hall

Permanent Exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport


In the Road Traffic Hall at the Swiss Museum of Transport media stations with touch screens make it possible to explore themes relating to road traffic through texts, images, films and games. Installations with projections offer an insight into visions of mobility in the past and today. Multimedia stations allow visitors to take rides that would be too dangerous to experience under real road traffic conditions. iart was responsible for the media planning and coordination of the tender of production.

The new building by Gigon/Guyer has two floors and a total exhibition space of 2000 m². The façade is covered with road signs on three sides. Inside the building, visitors find a high-rise rack with more than 80 vehicles that can be individually presented to them by a parking robot if they wish. Visitors can also experience a crash test or watch car restorers at work. A number 'islands' on themes like mobility and road safety provide information about road traffic today and offer visions of its future development.

The "Tubes", which are around four meters high and two meters wide, while narrowing towards the middle, are one particularly eye-catching feature of the exhibition. If visitors lie down and look upwards, they can see the heaven or hell of future transport. Videos that atmospherically conjure up future visions of mobility are projected onto the surface of each cylinder. The videos were created by students at the Lucerne School of Art and Design.

Mobility visions are also the topic of the interactive "glass projection". Old and new visions of mobility, like cars running on tracks or in the air, as well as new transportation and parking systems, are shown as animated films, which can be selected by moving a slide bar. They are projected onto four glass panels, one behind the other.

In the "Formula 1 Box", visitors can experience a car race from the viewpoint of the racing driver by means of a projected film and soundtrack. By pressing a buzzer, they can alter the perspective on the projected race track. The engine noises get louder, the race starts and the pounding of the driver's heart fills the whole room.

This project was realised in collaboration with tegoro solutions (since 2013 part of iart).

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