Wall projection at the Kunstmuseum Basel
Photo: Julian Salinas
Wall projection

Kunstmuseum Basel: The Incredible World of Photography

In the 1970s, Ruth and Peter Herzog bought an old photograph at a flea market - and thus laid the foundation for their photography collection, which today comprises more than 500,000 photographs. Around 400 pictures from the collection are now on display in the exhibition 'The Incredible World of Photography' at the Kunstmuseum Basel.

To make the size and thematic diversity of the collection tangible, iart created an interactive wall projection for the exhibition together with students of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Artificial intelligence connects images with similar motifs to form families, creating navigational pathways between motifs of different periods. The algorithm works with image recognition, and constantly conjures up new formal relationships.

Visit our project page for more information. The exhibition was realised in cooperation with the Jacques Herzog und Pierre de Meuron Kabinett, Basel, and runs until October 2020.

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