Innovation Lounge

In Allschwil near Basel, pioneering ventures are presented in a new form.



The Innovation Lounge is located in the centre of the Switzerland Innovation Campus in Allschwil near Basel. Positioned directly next to the reception, it is a place of arrival and inspiration. Here, members and partners showcase their products and services to entrepreneurs and innovators. For this purpose, a media architecture was developed that is based on three components: an expansive, hanging LED ring, a round interactive table and two steles with curved LED screens.

LED Ring

Due to its size and radiance, the LED ring has a central presence in the room and thus also a long-distance effect through the windows. It consists of vertical LED elements with a distance of a few millimetres between them. The ring is thus semi-transparent and has a coarse resolution. However, this can only be seen from close up; from a distance of a few metres, a continuous, moving image emerges.

Technical Facts

  • Floor space of the Innovation Lounge: 50m2, room height: 4.40m
  • LED ring hangs on 40cm long steel wires
  • Diameter of approx. 4.5m, height of 80cm
  • Composed of 14 elements
  • Total resolution in the circle: 1792x205 pixels
  • Interactive table with diameter of 1.6m
  • Diameter resolution of the circular projection: 1920px
  • 2 steles with 55-inch screens

Interactive Table

In the centre under the LED ring is a round interactive table. Here visitors can find out about the companies associated with the campus. This is done via a glass touch surface, which is fed with digital content from below by two beamers: A circular touch "screen".

Curved LED Steles

Two slightly curved steles with LED screens facing the interactive table complete the visitor experience. Small touch screens below the panorama screens allow interaction. The steles can be used either standing alone or joined together to form an "immersion point". They can also be used for presentations.


The Innovation Lounge was planned and realised in such a way that it is open for possible expansion and for various uses such as meetings, events and exhibitions. It is a flexible, future-oriented media architecture that can bring added value to a wide variety of institutions and spatial settings.

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