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Interactive Sphere


For the new visitors' centre of the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, iart realised the main exhibit "Interactive Sphere". The sphere itself serves as a display for projected images and as a navigation tool. Its content and external appearance change whenever visitors roll the sphere or interact over the touch screen. The installation was developed in order to communicate global circumstances and developments regarding climate change, energy research and mobility.

Viewers use a touch screen to choose one of three themes, each of which is assigned to a presenter. He or she welcomes visitors, introduces them to the theme concerned and draws their attention to texts containing further information as well as to the sphere's content. For each theme selected, the sphere shows corresponding animation, films or 3D representations, partly combined with short, temporarily displayed text details and announcements or sounds in the room. By rotating the sphere, viewers can systematically change the images and content on its surface, and consequently its appearance and the statement it makes. Taking on the appearance of Earth, the sphere shows through images and figures how the world's crude oil reserves are dwindling from year to year; it turns into a three-dimensional pie chart that illustrates how the utilisation of different energy resources has developed over time as well as offering a future-oriented abstract representation of the sustainable use of forests worldwide. In this way, with varying levels of complexity, laymen and experts are offered direct, playfully intuitive access to themes of global relevance.

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