Media World

Interactive Exposition at the Swiss Museum of Transport


At the centre: the Media Globe

In the 'Media World' adventure area at the Swiss Museum of Transport, visitors delve into the diverse world of media. In playful, interactive ways, they explore the possibilities of modern media technology and use professional equipment to record and edit their own television broadcasts. The symbol of 'Media World' is the Media Globe. This sphere with a diameter of 3.5 meters hangs in the lobby of the Museum of Transport and is composed of 112 monitors of different sizes. The Globe can be operated in two modes: in its Mosaic Mode, each monitor shows a video; in Sphere Mode, a video that extends across the entire Globe is played.

From the 3D Model to the Media Globe

The Media Globe is special technology development by iart. Starting out from the concept proposed by SchmauderRohr, iart first produced a 3D model of the installation. The design idea was to create an arrangement of monitors of different sizes determined as much as possible by chance, while at the same time the model provided the basis for the construction. Then iart developed software that made it possible to show videos on the spherically arranged monitors. The result is a seamless and undistorted presentation on the Globe.

Self-Produced Broadcasts

In the television studio, the heart of 'Media World', visitors are familiarised with various aspects of television production and can themselves slip into the roles of director, presenter, reporter, actor, or editor. A touch-screen application enables Media World visitors to work with professional studio technology: from the mixing board by way of the presentation board to the green box and the editing room. One special attraction is the 360° Booth, where 36 cameras placed in a circle take all-around, full-body selfies of the visitors. The visitors themselves determine the subject matter of the productions. The 'Media World' app gives them the opportunity to combine studio recordings with videos stored on their smart phones. All the content can be managed in the app developed by SchmauderRohr and netcetera and shared with friends.

Changing Media Consumption

Other venues at 'Media World' address the history of television and changing habits of media consumption. An interactive media wall offers a look at milestones in television history of the past century. In the Lab, visitors can put on virtual reality goggles and experience spectacular sports in 360° videos. And the Learning Space area explores new trends for using new media at school. 'Media World' ends with a twelve-meter-long Reflection Tunnel. The videos that visitors have produced themselves appear here right next to professional content from the adventure world.

Succesfull Cooperation

'Media World' is a joint initiative of the Swiss Museum of Transport and the Red Bull Media House. It replaces the 'Media Factory' exhibition, which was also realised by iart in 2008. The concept of visitors producing their own content was retained and even expanded thanks to the possibilities of new media technologies. iart contributed custom technological solutions to 'Media World' and was responsible for media planning, programming, and media technology. The interactive exposition was conceived, planned, and designed by SchmauderRohr.

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