Museum of Modern Literature Marbach

The Media of the Permanent Exhibition


In cooperation with element design, iart developed the media for the new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany.

The museum guide constitutes the central communication medium and the basis for interaction with visitors. It is simultaneously an intelligent guiding system and a comprehensive multimedia work of reference, which gives visitors easy access to content relating to the exhibition and the items exhibited. At the touch of a key, visitors can obtain initial information about the showcases and can then select further information levels by touching the guide's surface. They can explore specific content in greater depth, can let themselves be guided and can even leaf through original manuscripts virtually. The guide also acts as the interaction surface for a media installation that fills the room: by touching the guide's screen, visitors can select freely flowing letters of the alphabet projected onto two transparent walls, which turn into authors' names and passages of text.

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    Deutsche Schillergesellschaft e. V.

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    element design

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    Technical PlanningSystem DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentSystem IntegrationMechanics DevelopmentOperationMaintenanceInteraction Design

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