drifting clouds

Artwork for Pflegezentrum Entlisberg


The artwork ‹drifting clouds› by Christine Zufferey is composed of two parts: a frieze like mosaic in the entrance of the nursing home and a video piece at the forecourt. The mosaic shows a pixelized picture of clouds. The video, which is embedded in a boulder, shows the same motive but in clear appearance and in movement.

Seen from a distance, the video picture resembles a puddle of water, with the sky reflected in it. In approaching it, one finds out that that the image of the sky is situated inside the stone. iart was responsible for the technical realization of the embedded video.

  • Opening


  • Location


  • Client

    Pflegezentrum Entlisberg

  • Partner

    Christine Zufferey

  • Services

    Technical PlanningSystem Integration

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