Der Blaue Reiter

Animated Prologue to the Exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler


Introduction to the historical context

In the first room of the exhibition "Kandinsky, Marc & Der Blaue Reiter" at the Fondation Beyeler, an animated wall projection introduces the topic of the exhibition. Historical images, map displays and animated figures present the work and life of the main artists. iart has created the animations in the style of historical overhead projections: One by one, printed films are replaced, labelled by hand and complemented graphically. On the left and right, portrait photographs alternate with views of landscapes and towns, while the central projection shows the travel routes of the artists: from their places of origin to Munich, where they all met, by train from Munich to Murnau to paint and by bike between Murnau and Sindelsdorf to visit each other. Figures and means of transportation are drawn onto the films before the eyes of the visitors and are animated. Texts in three languages briefly explain each sequence. The last sequence focuses on the path of the 'First exhibition of the editorial board of Der Blaue Reiter' (Erste Ausstellung der Redaktion Der Blaue Reiter), which toured Europe between 1912 and 1914 and ended with the beginning of the First World War. The six-minute animation is shown as an endless loop and consists of three projections, each 2.5 metres wide. The content was developed in close collaboration with the Fondation Beyeler.

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    Fondation Beyeler

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    Büro Berrel Gschwind

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    2D/3D DesignTechnical PlanningSystem IntegrationContent DevelopmentAudiovisual Production

  • Photos & Video Footage

    Mark Niedermann

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