Media Facade for Historic London Department Store

iart, in collaboration with architects, Sergison Bates, developed a media façade for the Peter Jones department store in London. It melds seamlessly into the existing architecture, while at the same time revitalising it.

Since 1877, London's elegant Chelsea neighbourhood has been home to the Peter Jones department store on Sloane Square. The building, which is now landmarked as a grade II Modernist structure, was erected in the 1930s. The interiors were renovated in 2000, and now, the exterior has been revamped.

Central to the solution developed by iart was that the original blueprints aspired to accommodate the possibility of artistic interventions on the facade. Working with this unrealised concept, we developed panels that also dynamically change the appearance of the building. The glass-covered panels, fixed between the rows of windows, consist of delicate slats in front of a large LED backlight glowing in an array of colours across the RGB spectrum.

To find out more, head over to our official documentation.

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