Swiss National Museum Zurich

Two Permanent Exhibitions


iart conceived and planned the audio-visual media for two new permanent exhibitions at the Swiss National Museum in Zurich. In the exhibition showing the collection, the mediation focuses on single objects and their origin, in the exhibition concerning Swiss history, the media communicate the main topics of the exhibition.

Galerie Sammlungen

In the "Galerie Sammlungen" (Gallery Collections) a wall carpet with the motive of a "hortus conclusus" (closed garden) and a 16th century painting by Hans Leu are exhibited. On the carpet certain parts are emphasised by a projection. The painting, which is only partially preserved, is also "completed" virtually by pictures projected onto the wall where parts of the original painting are missing. Along with the projections, stories are told.

Geschichte Schweiz

On the staircase leading to the exhibition 'Geschichte Schweiz' (History Switzerland), an interactive 3D projection provides an overview of the different exhibition areas and serves as orientation guide.

In the first exhibition room, a plain monastery model is being animated by projected images and surround sound to show its atmosphere and functions at different times of the day. On the accompanying touch screen, visitors can find out more about the life in the monastery. On a raised platform in the "Ruhmeshalle" (Hall of Glory), openings in the floor show parts of the floor below, where – for example – aerial images from the war are projected.

This project was realised in collaboration with tegoro solutions (since 2013 part of iart).

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