media installation in the exhibition 'The Hidden Cézanne' at the Kunstmuseum Basel

Kunstmuseum Basel: 'The Hidden Cézanne' Opens with Media by iart

Today at 6:30pm will be the vernissage of the exhibition 'The Hidden Cézanne - From Sketchbook to Canvas' at the Kunstmuseum Basel.

The work of the curators and the conservation team was described to having been like 'CSI Basel' - with the challenge of re-assembling the original sketchbooks out of the many single pages that had been dispersed around the world.

iart created an animation in order to show how the sketchbooks had been used. It also tells their story and demonstrates the work-intensive process of re-assembling. This way, the sketches provide new insights in Cézannes works and his process as a painter. One of the few complete sketchbooks, known as 'the Chicago sketchbooks', has been recreated digitally by iart. Visitors can leaf through the sketchbook via a touchscreen.

Providing context for artworks by means of media satisfies a growing interest in interacting with museum visitors. Exhibitions such as 'Der blaue Reiter' or 'Paul Gauguin' in the Fondation Beyeler have shown that the subtle use of media in art exhbitions is a success story.

'The Hidden Cézanne' runs from June 10 to June 24, 2017 at the Kunstmuseum Basel.iart conceptualised, planned and realised the media installations of the exhibition.

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