Instrumentarium der Szenografie - Collaborative Online Glossary of Scenography

It has been launched only recently: the Instrumentarium der Szenografie (English: Instruments of Scenography). An independent, collaborative and German-language glossary, it collects terms from the field of scenography and its theory, as well as commentaries written from the personal point of view of experts. In this way, the Instrumentarium wants to make a contribution to the young and very dynamic discipline. The platform views itself as a source of inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on the terms of spatial design. Thus, it is much more interested in the diversity of views and meanings than in a single truth.

The Instrumentarium was initiated by the scenographer Jean-Louis Vidière Ésèpe. While reflecting on the well-established yet often vague term 'format', he realised that there is a multitude of terms holding great potential and knowledge, and possibilities for inspiration and reflection within the highly interdisciplinary field of scenography. A comparable glossary didn't exist.

We believe this to be a promising initiative and a sustainable approach that can become the basis for future collaborations. To support the project, iart has carried out the programming of the online platform.

Would you like to contribute to the Instrumentarium der Szenografie as an author? Get in touch with Jean-Louis Vidière Ésèpe. Please keep in mind that at this point, the platform is available in German only.

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