interactive light installation
visitors in front of light installation

UK Pavilion in Astana Opened - Yurt Made of Light Realized by iart

The world expo in Astana, Kazahkstan opened on Saturday, June 10. Within the first week, the UK Pavilion already welcomed 20'000 visitors. iart consulted with architect Asif Khan about the conception and was responsible for planning and realizing a transparent yurt and a 60m long, 360-degree panorama projection inside the British pavilion.

Functioning as a centerpiece of the 2200m2 pavilion, the yurt consists of 200 spokes - single pieces of acrylic glass, each about 4 metres high but only 2cm thick. The spokes are lighting up when touched, changing their appearance from transparent matter to illuminated solid.Through the spokes, the 360-degree projection can be seen. It encompasses the yurt as a single, 60m long moving image of an ever changing landscape.

The world expo is open until September 10, 2017.