Wolfgang Szabo

Wolfgang Szabó

Project Management

When complex technology recedes into the background and creates space for magical moments, then we have done our job right.

Wolfgang studied geophysics at the University of Bremen. For his thesis he developed a virtual book to teach about rock magnetism. In the process he realized he was interested not only in science but also in mediation.

At Universum Bremen, an interactive, experiential museum of the sciences, for the next eight years he headed the multimedia, IT, and exhibition installation departments. In 2012 Wolfgang moved to Switzerland with his family. He cofounded the FabLab in Zurich and Sandkasten in St. Gallen, both of which are open workshops that provide their members with access to manufacturing methods such as 3D printing and laser cutting. At the same time, he was working at the Virtual Institute for Open Systems as a project manager and in e-learning for chemmedia schweiz.

Since December 2015, Wolfgang has been contributing his expertise to iart as project manager. His areas of interest converge here: management, imparting knowledge, and technology.